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Why Do I Need a Lawyer for Citizenship?

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Citizenship lawyers, though more commonly known as immigration lawyers, help foreign citizens navigate various obstacles and issues only immigrants face when applying for citizenship, among other things. Often immigration attorneys assist with ensuring forms and applications are correctly completed. Our attorney helps our clients with the following:

  • Visa applications
  • Green cards
  • Citizenship
  •  Naturalization
  • Deportation
  • Non-citizen employment

Our attorney can help you conquer some of the most common citizenship issues, from visas to asylum to immigration appeals.

What are Common Reasons for Deportation?

Deportation is complex and one of the primary reasons immigrants seek experienced legal help. There are many reasons for deportation, including marriage fraud, overstaying on an expired visa, violating an order, and providing false information or documentation, among other things. Deportation threatens your family and hinders your right to asylum and due process.

A person previously deported or in removal proceedings will benefit from a citizenship lawyer. In a trial, the opposing attorney’s only goal is to deport you. Our immigration attorney will review possible avenues of relief, argue the law on your behalf, prepare you for court, advise you on how to respond to questions, and deal with important requirements and deadlines regarding your case.

Is it Faster to Apply for Citizenship with Legal Help?

Immigrants must comply with a variety of requirements to attain U.S. citizenship. An attorney will make the citizenship process easier and faster when you aren’t sure what forms to fill out, what documentation you need, or whether you meet good moral character standards.

Our attorney will save you time and money when applying for citizenship. Having all the right tools in place, including an experienced immigration attorney, can help you achieve citizenship faster than handling the process.

What Doesn’t a Citizenship Lawyer Handle?

A citizenship lawyer will make the application process more accessible and provide legal representation if problems occur. Our attorney does much of the heavy lifting and manages citizenship cases. However, we still need clients to cooperate and answer questions, provide information, and gather documents so we can file forms and respond on their behalf.

Many visa programs, especially permanent citizenship, require immigrants to learn English or beef up their U.S. history knowledge as part of the final interview process. We don’t do this for our clients, but we can share resources to help them learn and prepare. Additionally, we offer guidance to our clients when answering questions on the application form, but we do not tell them how to answer them.

For help with U.S. citizenship, our attorney is the resource you need to thrive in your case. Set up a consultation with our experienced immigration attorney: 408-402-4967.

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