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At Sadri Law, PC, our immigration attorney strives to help immigrants start fresh and reunite families and children in the United States. We put family first at Sadri Law, PC, and help many foreign citizens navigate the many obstacles immigrants face when applying for citizenship, among other things. Our attorney helps clients with the following: visa applications, green cards, citizenship, naturalization, deportation, non-citizen employment, VAWA self-petitions, and much more.

When it feels hopeless, we conquer the things that keep you and your family up at night, from deportation to visa issues, application rejections, denials, and more. Overcoming immigration challenges is what we do. Our goal is to make any process related to immigration seamless and more accessible. Contact our firm and speak with our experienced immigration attorney to see the change you’re after: 408-402-4967. Unite your family in a better place with the help of Sadri Law, PC.

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Can an Immigration Attorney Help Me Bring My Spouse and Children to the United States?

It’s difficult to be separated from your spouse and children, especially when they are thousands of miles and oceans away with no means to change the situation. Our immigration attorney helps parents, spouses, and unmarried children—sons and daughters—unite in the United States with a CR-2/IR-2 visa. A CR-2 visa is the same as an IR-2 visa, with a minor exception. A child receives a CR-2 visa if the parent has a CR-1 visa, which means the parents have been married for less than two years.

A child receives an IR-2 visa if the parent gets an IR-1 visa, which is suitable for parents that have been married for more than two years. Our attorney determines your and your child’s eligibility to streamline the application process and help you prepare and file the appropriate visa based on your marriage status.

Client Success Stories
Client Success Stories

If I’m Engaged, Can My Future Spouse and I Get Married in the United States?

Fiancé visas make marriage in the United States possible with the help of our immigration legal services. Sadri Law, PC helps international couples—foreign-born and U.S. citizens—prepare and file for a temporary fiancé visa so they can marry in the United States within 90 days. After 90 days, the fiancé visa expires. After the wedding, a foreign spouse can apply for permanent residence or a green card.

Most couples that apply for a fiancé visa are successful when they use an experienced immigration attorney, such as Sadri Law, PC. There are reasons for rejection and denial, such as income requirements or prior marriage. We make sure any bumps in the road, big or small, are quickly in the rearview.

If you and your spouse want to become husband and wife, consider a fiancé visa and retain the help of our experienced immigration attorney.

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Advocacy and legal counseling

As the founding attorney of the San Jose-based immigration law firm Sadri Law, PC, Elham Sadri has a reputation for passionate advocacy and insightful legal counseling. Elham is a seasoned expert in Nationality and Immigration Law and specializes in subjects such as removal defense, custody, asylum, green cards, visas, and naturalization. She is dedicated to keeping families together through successful representation in immigration cases across the United States.

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Why Choose Us
  • We are a family-first immigration firm. We believe families are always stronger together, and our attorney works diligently to unite spouses, parents, and children in the United States. This starts with helping a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident obtain a green card so they can sponsor their family.
  • We are a voice for immigrants. Our attorney is a passionate advocate and change-maker for our clients. Many immigrants feel like the American dream is out of reach, and we help men, women, children, and the elderly create a better life in the United States with many of our immigration legal services.
  • We help you take control of your future. We are not all-talk but all-action. With immigration, it takes a consistent pursuit to make things happen for our clients, whether facilitating a fiancé visa or helping a foreign-born citizen attain permanent residency. Your goals are our goals, and we offer the right immigration legal services to back you up.
  • We are committed to helping anyone that is in need out of abusive situations. Our firm is a voice for abused and battered women who suffer at the hands of a violent spouse. With our help and a VAWA self-petition, spouses, children, and other family members can regain their lives and pursue legal status without the help of an abusive spouse.
  • We are strong in removal defense. Fighting for the right to remain in the United States is best fought with our immigration team. Immigrants run into many unexpected situations that lead to illegal entry into the United States. Deportation is a reality for many clients without proper legal representation, and we fight for your rights to stay in America.
  • We are drivers behind the real change for our immigrant clients. We tackle day-to-day immigrant issues, but our goal is to be a constant driver for change in immigration in significant ways. This is an advantage to our clients as they face many hardships in their journey to becoming a U.S. citizen.

If My Spouse Abuses Me, Can I Still Become a Citizen?

There is no excuse for abuse, and there are options for you and your children or family to live in peace without jeopardizing your immigration status. The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) gives victims of abuse—spouses, children, and parents of U.S. citizens a second chance and an opportunity to stay in the U.S.

We can help you prepare and file a VAWA self-petition, a legal tool that allows you to file for citizenship without the help of your abusive spouse or U.S. sponsor. To get approval and protect your legal status, we work together to provide evidence and substantiate your claims in court regarding the abuse and harm you suffered at the hands of your spouse.

With Sadri Law, PC, you are in the right hands as we will aggressively represent you and gather the necessary evidence to prove your case so you and your family can live a better and safer life.

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How is Sadri Law, PC the Right Choice for My Immigration Legal Needs?

Nothing is more important than family and creating the best possible life for the people we love and care about. Sadri Law, PC is the right legal firm and choice for immigrants looking to change their current circumstances, whether for better employment opportunities, marriage, or bringing their children and spouse to the U.S. to continue school and live in a safe place.

Sadri Law, PC is located in San Jose, California, about six minutes from Backesto Park, approximately 12 minutes from Windmill Springs Park, and a 14-minute drive from Saratoga Creek Park. San Jose International Airport is only a six-minute drive away. Sadri Law, PC offers various immigration services and representation for immigrants looking for protection and a better life in the United States. Contact us for challenging immigrant issues that separate you and your family: 408-402-4967.

Frequently asked questions
Q: What is a Marriage Visa?

A: : A foreign person can become an LPR and, potentially, a U.S. citizen with the help of a marriage visa. U.S. citizens—also known as sponsors or green card holders—can bring their foreign spouses to the United States after marriage in one of three ways: CR-1 visa, IR-1 visa, or K-3 visa. Couples must qualify for a marriage visa first, and our attorney will help determine your and your spouse’s eligibility. Our lawyer will collect the necessary information from you to complete forms, collect the filing fee, compile the petition and submit it to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for processing.

Q: Can My Citizenship Be Revoked?

A: Naturalization is the process by which U.S. citizenship is granted to a lawful permanent resident (LPR) after three years if you are married to a U.S. citizen or five years. Once a person becomes a U.S. citizen through the naturalization process, they cannot be deported, nor can citizenship be taken away. They are technically U.S. citizens and share the same rights as Americans. However, there are limited exceptions to this rule if an immigrant was naturalized illegally, convicted of a crime, or dishonorably discharged, to name a few examples. An immigrant can face deportation or denaturalization without proper legal representation.

Q: What is a Temporary Visa?

A: A temporary work visa is suitable for foreign folks who want to enter the U.S. for employment. Individuals who also want to come to the U.S. for educational purposes or travel will benefit from a temporary visa. They last for a fixed period compared to permanent work visas. Temporary visas typically last up to three years and cover fixed-term employment, task-based contracts, or seasonal and casual work. There are several steps you must take to secure employment authorization. We help you apply for immigration status, prepare a form I-765 and submit the application for processing. It can take anywhere from two to seven months to receive approval.

Q: Are My Children Eligible to Come to the United States?

A: If you are trying to bring your children to the U.S., a CR-2 or IR-2 visa is the right option. An IR-2 visa allows unmarried foreign children of U.S. citizens—under the age of 21—to migrate to the United States. This includes biological and adopted children. A child receives an IR-2 visa if the parent gets an IR-1 visa, which means the parents have been married for more than two years. A child gets a CR-2 visa if the parents have a CR-1 visa, which means they have been married for less than two years. We can determine your child’s eligibility and get them to the U.S.

Q: What is VAWA?

A: The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) gives victims of abuse—spouses, children, and parents of U.S. citizens 21 years or older—a second chance and an opportunity to stay in the U.S. free of violence. A VAWA self-petition allows victims to file for citizenship on their own and without the help of their abusive spouse. Individuals who have suffered abuse from a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident (LPR) can file a self-petition if they have lived in the U.S. for at least three years. We help you substantiate your claims and prove they were subjected to extreme cruelty and abuse.

Q: What is a Permanent Work Visa?

A: With the right blend of skills, education, and work experience—or a combination of these things—immigrants can live and work in the United States indefinitely with a permanent work visa. A temporary visa only provides a fixed period for a person to work in the U.S. There are five employment-based categories people fall under, including EB-1 visa, EB-2 visa, EB-3 visa, EB-4 visa, and EB-5 visa. We help professors, individuals with advanced degrees, skilled or unskilled professionals, religious workers, and investors qualify for a permanent work visa, prepare and file, so they can live and work in the United States doing what they love.

Q: How Do I Know if I Need Asylum?

A: People that flee a country are running from danger. They are often referred to as refugees or asylum seekers. Asylum is a form of protection in the United States offered to refugees seeking relief from ongoing wars, drought, tension over religious beliefs, violence, issues regarding sexual orientation, and much more. Asylum ensures that refugees are not deported back to a dangerous place, and with the help of our immigration attorneys, we can make sure that doesn’t happen. Victims with proof of mistreatments, such as harassment, prosecution, and other violent acts, are likely eligible for asylum and must contact our offices to get immediate legal protection.

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