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If you are an immigrant or you wish to bring a foreign national to the United States, you have probably encountered many complex, confusing immigration regulations. The law changes constantly, and it may feel overwhelming to face so many obstacles in your path.

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The process of obtaining asylum, stopping removal proceedings or maintaining your status is difficult and uncertain. You do not have to face this process alone. Many women, families and LGBTQ people around the world have trusted us to help them escape persecution and empower themselves in the United States.

About Elham Sadri

As the founding attorney of the San Jose-based immigration law firm Sadri Law, PC, Elham Sadri has a reputation for passionate advocacy and insightful legal counseling. Elham is a seasoned expert in Nationality and Immigration Law and specializesin subjects such as removal defense, custody, asylum, green cards, visas, and naturalization. She is dedicated to keeping families together through successful representation in immigration cases across the United States.

While still a student at the PennState Law Center for Immigrants’ Rights, Elham took an active role in developing immigration solutions specifically for non-citizen crime victims, including survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Because of her storied involvement in immigration issues, she has been interviewed by the Voice of America and other media outlets as an immigration law expert.

After earning her law degree, Elham founded a non-profit community-based forum for Iranian residents in Philadelphia and co-founded the Iranian Lawyers in North America group, which was recently partnered with the National Iranian American Bar Association.

Elham is the author of the Persian book An Introduction to LLM Programs, which serves as an introduction to American legal studies for Iranian students. She also hoststhe bi-weekly talk series “Iranian-American Women in Law,” which focuses on empowering minority female lawyers in taking leadershiproles.

Elham’s volunteer work with the Philadelphia Bar Association received recognition from the Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association and the Mayor of Philadelphia. As a member of the New York state bar, she is also an active member of the AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) and the IABA (Iranian American Bar Association). Elham is an Executive Committee member of AILA Santa Clara Valley, an Advisory Council member of AILA NorCal, Advisory Committee member of NorCal IABA, and Boardof Directors ofIABA National.

Elham enjoys helping her clients and fighting for their rights in her representation. Elham works with her clients as a team and keep her clients involved throughout of the process.

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