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Family Immigration

Families are always stronger together than apart. U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, and refugees/asylees with family overseas may wish to with their loved ones. With help from a skilled family immigration lawyer, immigrants can successfully petition for their spouse or children to obtain a green card or derivative refugee/asylee status.

Green Cards for Your Family

“Green card” is the colloquial term for a Permanent Resident Card, which gives an individual the right to seek residence and employment in the United States on a permanent basis. This contrasts with work and tourist visas, which only allow individuals to enter a country temporarily and for a specific reason. Work visas only allow visa holders to stay in a country until a job is done. Tourist visas allow you to enter a country for a set period of time but do not allow you to seek employment while you are there

A green card allows you to stay in the country and work for as long as you desire. While having a green card does not make you a U.S. citizen, it does make you a lawful permanent resident of the country. As a green card holder, you can eventually apply for U.S. citizenship after holding lawful permanent resident status for at least five years.

How Your Family Members Can Get a Green Card

If you are a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident and you are eager to bring your family overseas, you can help them obtain a green card with assistance from a family immigration attorney. You’ll need help from a legal expert because of the complexity and breadth of immigration laws that determine whether or not someone should be able to immigrate as a lawful permanent resident. Furthermore, there is an abundance of paperwork necessary for family immigration that an immigration lawyer can guide you through. The process starts by filling out Form I-130 from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

One of the most important steps is proving your relationship to the family member who desires to immigrate. An attorney from Sadri Immigration Law is available to help you obtain all necessary documents and complete all of the necessary applications to pave the way for your family members to join you overseas. Keep in mind that the eligibility of certain family members changes based on whether you are a citizen or a green card holder. Citizens can petition for their spouse, children, parents, or siblings. Lawful permanent residents can only petition for spouses and unmarried children.

Family Immigration for Refugees

If you are a refugee who has been granted asylum within the past two years, you can also petition for your spouse or child to immigrate with refugee or asylee status. There are a few eligibility requirements you should be aware of when pursuing this route for family immigration.

As previously stated, you are only allowed to petition if you were granted asylum within the past two years. You also cannot pursue this option for your other family members if you were already granted refugee status through a relative. Also, the family relationship between you and the family member you are petitioning for should have existed before you obtained refugee status. This means that you should have been married to your spouse or your child should have been conceived before you became a refugee in the United States. If you were formerly a refugee, but you have now obtained U.S. citizenship, you will have to follow the family immigration process for citizens, rather than seeking derivative refugee/asylee status.

Instead of Form I-130, you will be filling out Form I-730, the Refugee/Asylee Petition.

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