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What is CrImmigration?

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When an immigrant or green card holder is arrested for criminal activity, this is considered CrImmigration or the cross between criminal and immigration law. If you are an immigrant and commit a criminal offense, it is easy to find yourself in legal danger of having both a criminal and immigration case happening simultaneously.

Green card holders that are lawful permanent residents (LPRs) risk deportation or getting their visa revoked if convicted of a crime. It is imperative to consult our experienced immigration attorney to uncover legal strategies that could help your case.

Schedule a consultation with our firm to discuss your criminal immigrant case today: 408-402-4967.

What Happens if I Get Caught Drunk Driving?

Drunk driving happens to be a criminal offense, not just a traffic violation. If you are found guilty of drunk driving in San Jose, California, and are an LPR, you could be removed from a good morale character finding for three to five years. Good moral character is a requirement for the naturalization process and can delay your immigration case or get you deported with no chance of return.

It’s wise to consider our immigration attorney to help defend you and avoid the worst-case scenario or maximum penalties. Depending on the evidence against you, we might be able to negotiate a lesser sentence or get your charges dropped altogether. Hiring an experienced attorney to represent your DUI case will increase your chances of success.

Is My Immigration Status in Jeopardy if I Get Convicted of a Crime?

With any serious criminal offense, you are putting your immigration status at risk, especially with a guilty plea. Many crimes can jeopardize your legal standing, including drug possession, domestic violence, drunk driving, assault, and more. Depending on the criminal offense, penalties range from misdemeanor and felony charges that result in probation, jail time, deportation, and ICE detention.

An immigration attorney experienced in removal defense is critical if you have been charged with a serious crime.

How Can an Immigration Attorney Help?

There are severe implications for your immigration status when you commit a crime. Our lawyers understand the criminal and immigration processes, which is advantageous for you. It’s important not to accept a poor plea deal or assume that you are guilty without consulting an immigration attorney first.

With our legal involvement, we can challenge a plea agreement, delay proceedings, and prevent deportation through a strong defense. We handle crimes big and small and protect immigrants from losing their future in the United States, especially if they have been wrongfully accused.

If you are facing a severe conviction, get the backup and support you need to survive a powerful criminal charge. Contact our firm and book a consultation: 408-402-4967.

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